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World's Top 10 Beers Podcast

Jun 28, 2018

The top 10 beers list is full and all is right with the world. Bob & Doug are back on the hunt for new magical beers. This week, they check in with Karben 4's "Simply, Dusty" and Odd13's "IPAlien." They also get a surprise new order from the team at the World Beer Federation. Crack a beer and enjoy!

Jun 22, 2018

Similar to Homer's Odyssey, but more epic, Bob & Doug have been searching to fill the World's Top 10 Beers list. In this episode, we finally add the final two beers to make the list of 10. If you've been drinking along with us since last fall to find out the list it's now complete. Grab a beer and enjoy the final...

Jun 4, 2018

This is what we've all been waiting for - the Wildcard Round where eight beers will fight to the death to make the World's Top 10. In this episode two of the beers will actually make it through and take their rightful place on the World's Top 10 list.

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