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World's Top 10 Beers Podcast

Dec 28, 2020

Without any spoilers, if you’ve missed previous episode (s16 ep5) go check that out. On this episode, Bob and Doug continue their never-ending Stout Hunt. They start asking themselves: what if a magical stout doesn’t exist?

A cry for help: if you, as a listener, know a stout that might be magical, please send it...

Dec 21, 2020

While they welcome their new assistant Ashlie to the team, Bob and Doug try and evaluate an unexpectedly good beer. They also explain the procedure when they find a “this might be magic” beer. Is this week’s beer one of those? Listen to the episode and find out.

Pro tip: If Bob and Doug start drinking a beer...

Dec 14, 2020

Bob and Doug invite bold brewmasters to send them their beer for evaluation. Pour your beer and catch on the latest situation developments with the beer guys. While enjoying this week’s beer, they talk about music and music industry nowadays.

Update on Ashley, their former assistant: in case you’ve missed the story,...

Dec 7, 2020

Bob and Doug are continuing the good old Stout Hunt! They are still searching for the stout that says “bro, I’m a stout…just shut up and drink me”. Can they find a stout that passes “This is interesting” on the Slooijer’s scale? While on the Stout Hunt they talk movies and share some news.

* Special note...